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analyzelog (Japan)

Seed investment - 2018

Leading digital agency for Japan's top kids and learning creators. 

Member, Board of Directors. Toei Animation led   
the company's Series A round in 2020.

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Giggster (USA)

Seed investment - 2020

Giggster is a better way for creators to book production locations. 

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Koji (USA)

Seed investment - 2018

Create interactive posts to share on all socials.

Galaxy Interactive led the company's Series A round in 2020.

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Podcorn (USA)

Pre-Seed investment - 2019

The leading podcast influencer marketplace. 

Acquired by Entercom Communications
(NYSE: ETM) in March 2021.

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Camera IQ (USA)

Seed Investment - 2019

Create and publish augmented reality experiences at scale to your social channel.

Shasta Ventures led the company's Series A round in 2020.

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Hellosaurus (USA)

Seed investment - 2020

Ad-free interactive videos by creators. Built for kids, loved by parents. 

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Kollyde (USA)

Pre-Seed investment - 2020

Full-service creative marketing company focused on creator strategies built for brands.

The company was incubated within Next 10


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Stage TEN (Canada)

Seed investment - 2018

Interactive content and commerce platform for creating and distributing live video streams. 

We have been a leading investor in the company since 2018. 

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Seed investment - 2020

The first football league where fans control the play calling.

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Influence (USA)

Seed investment - 2019

The professional platform for the creator economy.

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Koodos (USA)

Pre-Seed investment - 2020

Discover, share and organize music through emojis.

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Stir (USA)

Seed investment - 2020

Where creators run their business. 

Andreessen Horowitz led the company's Series A
round in 2021.

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SuperBam (USA)

Pre-Seed investment - 2018

Digital rights and content management solution for creators and enterprises. 

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Trash (USA)

Seed investment - 2019

AI-enabled short-form video editing platform. 

Acquired by VSCO in December 2020.