Over the last 10 years, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs have harnessed the democratizing power of global digital video and social platforms to create original IP, build a community of fans, develop a brand and achieve commercial success. Today, individual Creators can directly engage tens of millions of monthly unique users through their digital channels. We forecast the global Creator economy excluding China to reach $23 billion this year, driven by tens of thousands of Creators who make a living on digital video and social platforms. This scale affords our company ample opportunity to build assets that produce meaningful value in the years ahead.

Next 10 Ventures is looking ahead to the next 10 years. We are both an operating and investment company focused on incubating and accelerating new businesses, content, products and services for a global consumer base.

Our mission is to enrich, inspire, and entertain kids and young adults via the investments and partnerships we establish with Creators. Our mission is enhanced by the leadership team’s experience in empowering Creators to achieve their goals.

The company was incorporated in March 2018, with offices in Culver City and Singapore.


Benjamin Grubbs

Founder & CEO

Benjamin founded the company after an established career in the Internet and media industries, where he held leadership position in Google, Turner Broadcasting, eBay, and Yahoo!

Paul Condolora


Paul brings over 20 years of media & technology experience to the company, with senior executive roles at Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting, and Sony Pictures.

Cynthia So Schroeder

VP, Marketing

Cynthia oversees Next 10 Ventures’ global marketing and EduCreator initiatives. She brings 20+ years of integrated technology, marketing, and global community leadership experience.


Whether you are a Creator, or a company looking to work with Creators, we would love to hear from you.

Media Inquiries: press@next10ventures.com
Careers: jobs@next10ventures.com

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