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Benjamin Grubbs - Founder

Benjamin Grubbs headshot.png

Benjamin formed Next 10 Ventures in March 2018 to pursue incubating and investing in startups focused on working with content creators. The name of the company comes from Benjamin's belief that the creator ecosystem has longevity, and that creators should always be thinking and planning for their next ten years.


Prior to Next 10 Ventures and co-founding startups, Benjamin spent 18 years in a variety of management roles at Google, Yahoo!, eBay and Turner Broadcasting. Benjamin held multiple roles at YouTube between 2012-2018, including the global director of top creator partnerships, marketing lead for creator marketing in Asia Pacific, and a member of the founding team for YouTube Kids. Prior to YouTube, Benjamin helped introduce live and on-demand video streaming to parts of Asia Pacific at Yahoo!, helped launch eBay in several Asia Pacific markets, and helped grow Turner's Asia Pacific footprint in gaming and virtual worlds for kids and young adults through a variety of acquisitions, joint ventures and in-house development. 

Read Benjamin's writing on the creator economy here, or follow him on LinkedIn here.  




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